Cornes Properties specialises in investing, developing and renovating a wide range of premium properties in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, which include residential, hotel/serviced apartments, retail, industrial, and office typologies. We have a template for success that is built upon a creative and intelligent approach to lifestyle and identity, outstanding branding value, and unparalleled design standards.

With a highly experienced team, sturdy financials, and a strong commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to create new and unique locations within the city, forge new partnerships, and broaden our capability to stimulate growth and opportunity in real estate. Our longer term trajectory and robust management is then able to sustain and further develop business and value for residents, tenants, owners, and the like, cultivating harmonious partnerships and maintaining our integrity as a company that is dedicated to the people that we work with.


Our Vision

Our mission is to build up a portfolio of incredibly special and high yield generating projects through redevelopment or refurbishment in undervalued areas where we see great long-term growth potential. By operating on a more medium to long-term holding model, our firm is able to focus on building quality and adding value in key locations, sheltering us from riskier cyclical based perils and overleveraged assets.

Key Strengths

Teamwork: Cornes Properties is a family office with a strong history and reputation for excellence in delivering unique and high quality projects. We put considerable emphasis on employing strong design capability in our in-house teams, enabling us to assess add-value potential not only in financial terms but also in architectural space planning, efficiency, design identity, and regulation based matters.

Location: When choosing our project locations, we take everything into account when estimating growth potential and feasibility, allowing us to fully capitalize on local synergies and tailor our projects for future success. A large portion of our portfolio now lies in strategic areas that are able to hold their value and provide safe and steadily growing investments.

Leasing and Branding: Our past success with projects, such as, Ferguson Lane Hong Kong and Shanghai, paired with our long-term strategy and our reputation for quality, make us ideal landlords for tenants who are seeking new and upcoming concepts, strong support, and highly complementary tenant mixes and brand strategy. We now have a strong capacity for fast and effective leasing, sturdy yields, and uniquely creative branding.

Tenant list

Our tenants and partners include significant groups from a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, retail, art, residential, logistics, boutique office, and hospitality. Each project has a unique set of circumstances for which we will assess and tailor both the branding and ideal tenant mix to compliment your business.