For us, every project is seen a unique opportunity to create a sense of place and meaning within the city. We take immense pride in what we do, and we also have the experience, skill, and determination to deliver truly special buildings.


We choose our sites carefully. Accessibility, views, proximity to key sites, floor efficiency, and infrastructure – we have the foresight to fully capitalize on local synergies and tailor our projects for future success.


Delivering our vision requires knowledge and determination. With our 20-year experience in the real estate market, we have both the foresight and the commitment to plan and overcome challenges, prioritize the right objectives, and employ our resources effectively.

Leasing, Management,
and Branding

With an eye for lifestyle and identity, and backed by strong connections in the F&B and retail industry, we can match ideal tenants with ideal projects, build sturdy yields, and create exciting, strong identities for future growth.

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Since 1861, Cornes Group has been a pioneer, establishing itself in Japan and evolving into a substantial business portfolio around the world. Our real estate arm was launched as a small private real estate portfolio based in the burrows of the French Concession in Shanghai, and has since then steadily expanded into a highly professional and experienced operation in Hong Kong, focusing on a wide range of development and renovation projects around the city.

As a business, we specialize in strong value creation, sturdy yields, and long-lasting capital growth, yet as creative individuals, we also have a passion for our industry. We take pride in revitalizing forgotten neighbourhoods, establishing growth in new locations, and breathing new life and meaning into every city that we build in. Whether you are a tenant, prospective buyer, partner, or investor, we are committed to sustaining an environment of mutual benefit and creative progress.

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